YL information

We are excited about YL News, a new section we have added to the Sparks newsletter and also to the web site. We welcome any news or items of interest you would like to contribute. Please send any news items you wish to publish to Linda Laseter, KJ4CTX

  • YL NET -- The YL net is up and running again! Knowing how busy all of us YLs are, especially during the week, we selected Saturday night as a good choice for our net. Please join us on the YL net on the 146.82 repeater at 8:45 p.m. every Saturday night.

    If you are interested and would like to make sure you receive YL information and reminders, please send your email address to Linda Laseter, KJ4CTX

  • YL LUNCHEON -- On a related note we have a regular monthly Saturday luncheon for the YLs. If you would be interested in attending the luncheon, please send an email to Linda Laseter, KJ4CTX