Board of directors (BOD)

2020 Delta Club Board of Directors

  • President - Steve Frazier, KK4VPT
    This is Steve's third year on the Board of Directors. He earned his Technician license in 2013 and his General license in 2015. Steve received the Delta Club 2014 New Ham of the Year award for working many of Delta Club's public service events. Steve is a graduate of the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, with a degree in Transportation / Logistics. 

  • Vice President  - Bob Van Keuren, KM4SEB
    Bob, KM4SEB, is a relatively new ham. He got his Technician License March 10, 2016, and then his General License May 4, 2017. He is an active Delta Club member and an original HQ 101 participant. He has supported two Field Days; took part in the Delta Club's J Pole building class; obtained his CERT certificate; and is a ham Volunteer Examiner. He has now been elected to the Delta Club's Board of Directors serving as Vice President. He looks forward to this new challenge and participating in other areas of the ham community. 

  • Secretary - Mary Jean Hall KN4FBL
    This is Mary Jean's second year on the Board of Directors. She has said that from an early age, she has always been fascinated by communication, community service and natural disaster preparedness. One day a coworker introduced her to Amateur Radio, and before she knew it she was sitting in one of Delta Club's Technician classes. During the class, she realized that ham radio could be the perfect combination of those three long-time interests! She earned her Technician license in 2017 and upgraded to General in 2019. She received the 2018 New Ham of the Year Award for her involvement with the club’s public service activities. Mary Jean graduated from the University of Tennessee at Martin with a degree in Communication. She is excited about working with the other board members in serving the Delta Amateur Radio Club! 

  • Treasurer - David  KM4SEC
    David is in his first year on the Board of Directors. He earned his Technician license on March 16, 2016, General in 2017 and his Extra in 2018.

  • Director of Training - Joe Lowenthal, WA4OVO 
    Joe received the ARRL Herb S. Brier 2012 Instructor of the Year award. He has been Director of Training for twelve years. Joe has been instrumental in over 490 hams earning their Technician license. He is also the Delta Division Assistant Director for the Memphis area. Joe has been licensed and a Delta Club member since 1976 after receiving his Conditional Technician license. He upgraded to General in 2000. Joe earned his Extra Class license in 2002. He received the Delta Club Ham of the Year award in 2007 and in 2015. Joe was ARRL's primary organizer for the ARRL 2005 Toy Drive warehouse for Katrina refugee children's toys. He is an ARRL, WCARS and Laurel VE for FCC testing and ARRL Emergency Communications volunteer examiner. Joe actively participates in public service events, and in ARES as Shelby County ARES Assistant EC for Hospital-Ham Radio Coordination. He is also a Medical Reserve Corps volunteer for the Shelby County Health Department. For the last fourteen years in September Joe has ventured to Mount Nebo (Arkansas) with a group for the VHF/UHF contest. In 2010 he got interested in amateur satellite communications using a handheld radio and Elk antenna. Joe was Shelby County Emergency Coordinator in 1983 and the ham radio coordinator for Memphis area National Weather Service Skywarn Net from 1976 to 1982. He is married to Beverly Rauch, W4BBJ. 

  • Director of Publications  - Bob Vawter, KW4RJ 
    Bob was first interested in electronics at age 14 when he built a HeathKit short wave receiver kit. Next he assembled a HeathKit walkie talkie kit. He had a citizens band radio with the license KM3110. He began working to learn CW, but then life happened and he never completed the morse code Novice license. Bob enjoys photography and golf. He is the English handbell director at Grace Presbyterian Church in Bartlett and is a retired band director. Bob got his technician license in November, 2015, his General in January, 2016, and his Extra in February, 2016. Bob is a volunteer with the Shelby County Health Department Medical Reserve Corps and has participated in two Shelby County hospital emergency preparedness drills. Bob is excited to work with the Delta club Board of Directors as Director of Publications. 

  • Director of Programs – Ian Lucas KN4OEK
    Ian was appointed to the Director of Programs position with the vacancy of Ed Taggard K7EDT's retirement and his moving back to Gilbert, Arizona at the end of August. Ian is a relatively new ham. He earned his Technician license in August 2018 with his wife Sylvia KN4OEJ. 

  • Director of Meetings and Special Events - 
  • Scott Adams, KM4PMU 
    This is Scott's third year on the Board of Directors. He earned his Technician license in December 2015 and his General in April 2016. 

  • Repeater Trustee - Barry McDonald W5CJ, W4BS 
    This is Barry's second year as Repeater Trustee. He originally got his Technician license in 1980, but let it expire. After retirement, Barry decided to get back into Amateur Radio and got Tech, General and Extra in about 2 months. He holds a Commercial General FCC Radiotelephone License with Radar Endorsement. Barry was Chief Engineer for WKLH FM radio station in Montgomery AL in the late 70's. He was Chief Engineer for Cylix Communications Corporation in Memphis in the 80's. Barry has also worked for The Med (now Regional One Hospital) in biomed radiology; then Konica Minolta Medical Imaging for 21 years before retiring. He currently enjoys many of the activities available to Amateur Radio. Barry stays quite busy handling message traffic from the TN Phone Net and operating in FT8 digital mode. He helps teach the electronic sections of the Delta Club license classes. 

  • Public Information Officer - Len Grice, W4MKS 
    Len is serving his forth year as Public Information Officer of the Delta Club and was recently appointed ARRL Tennessee Section Public Information Officer. He was licensed in August, 2015, after taking the Delta Club Technician Class under Joe Lowenthal and has served as an Elmer in several classes. Len is a graduate of the Germantown CERT class and participates in public service events, is a member of ARES, and is a Medical Reserve Corps volunteer for the Shelby County Health Department. You can contact Len at 901-522-6711.

DARC Past Board of Directors

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