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Welcome to the Delta Amateur Radio Club website!

The Delta Club holds monthly meetings, offers formal training classes for all three Amateur radio licenses (Technician, General, and Extra) and informal training sessions on all aspects of amateur radio, supports public service events, provides five VHF/UHF repeaters, hosts a nightly information net on 146.82 with a 107.2 hz tone, publishes a monthly newsletter, Sparks; participates in Field Day each year, and, perhaps most importantly, fosters the amazing camaraderie of the ham radio community. The Delta Club also holds the distinction of an ARRL Special Services Club.

       We welcome all hams and non-hams to our club meetings. The club meetings are held on the second Tuesday evening of the month. See Meeting Information for meeting time and location.

By Joe Lowenthal WA4OVO, Director of Training


There is no charge for classes, but the student is responsible for the purchase of the license manual and the $15 ARRL FCC examination fee.


As of September 3, 2015 there is no longer any charge for Vanity callsigns.
The current Technician ARRL Ham Radio License Manual Third Edition with question pool that effective July 1, 2014 for four years. This question pool expires June 30, 2018
The current ARRL General Class License Manual is the Eighth Edition with question pool that became effective July 1, 2015 for four years.
The current ARRL Extra Class License Manual is the Eleventh Edition with question pool that became effective July 1, 2016 for four years.

If you are interested in attending a training class, send an email to Joe Lowenthal with the desired class name in the subject line, along with your name, callsign if one, email address and cell phone number in the text.


Tech Class 2-18   February 24 – April 7, 2018

Tech Class 2-18 is being planned from February 24th to April 7th except March 10th and 17th on five Saturdays from 9am to 1pm or 9am-5pm at EMHC ambulance company training room on Appling Farms Pkwy. If you know someone interested, have them send an email with Subject line: Tech Class and name, email address, and cellphone number in text to wa4ovo@gmail.com.


Extra Class 1-18   January 13 – February 24, 2018

Extra Class 1-18 is being held on 5 Saturdays and one Sunday from January 13th to February 24th from 9am to 1pm on Saturdays and 1-5pm on Sunday January 28th at EMHC ambulance company training room, 6972 Appling Farms Pkwy. There are 10 students taking the class with two recent Extras auditing the class.

The students are Dan KN4FBJ, Janet KN4FBI, Billy K4IOA, Jim KN4GJF, David KM4SEC, Todd W4RTV, Ed K7EDT, Mac KJ4EHE, Carlos KK4CRO, and Robert KN4FVT. The auditing Extras are Nathan KX4IA and Rick WB9TCB.

The instructors are Joe Lowenthal WA4OVO, Paul Roberts KA9VAU, Dean Honadle N2LAZ, Barry McDonald W5CJ, David Webb KV4QI, and Pat Lane W4OQG.


Dean N2LAZ instructing on Electrical Principles for Extra Class 1-18
Photo by Joe Lowenthal WA4OVO



Tech Review for CBU      January 29, 2018
A Tech Review class was held on January 29th for 18 Christian Brothers University students in the initial Engineering Department upper division elective course, Introduction to Unmanned Aerial Systems. In coordination with the professor, Dr. Eric Welch WD5FTA, we provided study materials to the students prior to the review class. All 18 students earned their Technician license while one also earned her General Class license. 
The new call signs go from KN4JFN thru KN4JFZ, KN4JGA, KN4JGB, KN4JGX, KG5YAX and KD9KCQ. The students are either Electrical, Mechanical or Computer Engineering majors. Dr. Welch is the Department Chair of Electrical and Computer Engineering.

Tech Review Class at CBU Photo by Len Grice W4MKS

Thanks to the Laurel VEC team led by Tim Jones N5PYQ for providing the VE session.

Laurel VE Team (left-right) Rick KF5WVJ, Joe WT4N, standing left Tim N5PYQ, Jim KE5RHM, Weldon N5YW and not pictured is Ed KF8PD. Joe WA4OVO, standing right, is helping with the registration paperwork.
Photo by Len Grice W4MKS