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SPARKS P.O. BOX 750482 MEMPHIS, TN 38175-0482 / VOL. 13 / NOVEMBER 1999

W 4 B S    R E P E A T E R    S Y S T E M

146.82, 147.36, 224.42, 443.2 & 145.03 Packet


This month’s article is going to center around those members who have been nominated by the Nominating Committee for consideration for next year’s Board of Directors. I think it is important that the entire membership have a good perspective of the individuals that may comprise the leadership of our club. This is not an endorsement of this group or any one individual.

As each of you may know, in order for any member to be considered for an office on the Board of Directors, they must meet specific criteria. To be nominated for an office an individual must: 1) be a member, in good standing, of Delta Amateur Radio Club, 2) have attended at least 50% of the club meetings from November of the preceding year to October of the current year, and 3) be a licensed amateur radio operator.

This year there were over 50 people who met this criteria and from this group a total of eight individuals were asked and agreed to run for office. The selection of these individuals was performed by a committee of three who were not intent on running for office. This year’s nominating committee was made up of Don Cook, KJ4PO, Mike West, KD5DCJ, and Gerry Bailey, N9SCJ. Don assumed the role as committee chairperson and it was his responsibility to work with the other two members of the committee in identifying and selecting individuals for the various offices. I think that Don and his committee did an excellent job and I commend them for their efforts.

I must point out that although this is the list of candidates presented to the membership by the Nominations Committee it may not be the actual Board of Directors elected in November, there is still the opportunity to nominate individuals “from the floor.” Per our By Laws, I am required to call three times for nominations from the floor at both the October and November meetings. After the third and final call at the November meeting a vote is taken and the officers for the following year are identified. In accordance with the By Laws, I made the three calls at the October meeting and there were no nominations from the floor.

The nominee for President of Delta Amateur Radio Club for the new millennium is Kathy Troughton, KE4UYU. Kathy has been a licensed amateur for nearly six years, and holds a Tech Plus license. Kathy’s involvement in Delta Club ranges from being club secretary for three consecutive years, to participating in events like Field Day, co-chairing the Novice Tech Station in 1996, and being involved with the numerous community service activities such as the Memphis Marathon and The Walk for the Cure. In 1996 Kathy was named Newcomer of the Year. Although she holds a Tech Plus license she is not active on the Novice HF bands. However, she is very active on the 2 meter and 70 centimeter bands.

The Vice President nominee is Melinda Thompson, KE4DXN. Melinda has held numerous positions on the Board of Directors and is currently the Director of Training /Net Manager, and holds a Tech Plus license. In previous years Melinda has been Secretary, Director of Publications as well as Director of Training. She has assumed the responsibilities in previous years of coordinating the Christmas Party and the annual club picnic. As Director of Training two years ago she organized, not only a code class, but also a CW Practice Net that was held daily just prior to the Traffic and Information Net. This year Melinda assumed the role of Director of Training/Net Manager when the incumbent director had to resign.

The candidate for Secretary is Tommy Thompson, KD4TJO. Tommy has held just about every office available on the Board of Directors. He is a Past President of Delta Club, holding the office of President in 1997. He currently holds down the position of Director of Publications. Tommy was instrumental in obtaining non-profit status with the United States Postal Service thus reducing our postage expenditures for our newsletters. He also coordinated the relocation of the 146.82 repeater to its new home on the WPTY tower in Brunswick. He is very active in community service events, coordinating such events as the Memphis Marathon, the Memphis in May Triathlon to name a couple. During his tenure in Delta Club, Tommy has won Ham of the Year honors for two consecutive years.

The nominee for the position of Treasurer is Bob Holdford, KF4NDH. Bob has been an active member of Delta Amateur Radio Club for the past couple of years. He holds a Tech Plus license and spends some time on the Novice HF bands. Bob is currently Treasurer for Delta Club stepping into that position after the incumbent had to resign due to relocating to another state. He is very active on both 2 meters and 70 centimeters and has offered his assistance in making modifications to the tower trailer and participating in various community service events.

Tom Richardson, K4TTA, has been nominated for Director of Training/Net Manager for next year. Tom has been very active in Delta Club since his interest in ham radio was rekindled two years ago. Tom holds an Amateur Extra Class license and has most recently obtained VE certification. Over the past two years Tom has been instrumental in assisting several new hams in obtaining their license and getting their station on the air. He is an avid CW operator and contester. In 1972 Tom participated in the ARRL Phone DX Contest and made, and confirmed, 260 contacts, enough DX contact to win first place in the region 4 call area.

The candidate for Director of Publications is Ken Gregg, K4DIT. Ken has been a member of Delta Club for over two years and holds a General class license. During the past two years Ken has been very active in such events as Field Day, holding down the CW station by himself for long stretches at a time. He is an avid CW operator, which can be determined by his call sign, which is a vanity call.

The individual nominated for the Director of Programs is Freddy Bratton, KF4ZGJ. Freddy is relatively new to the hobby, but has been very active. He is always volunteering to assist with some aspect of amateur radio, from operating the Special Event station during the Bartlett Celebration weekend to operating the Novice/Tech station during Field Day. Freddy holds a General Class license, upgrading from Tech Plus just over a month ago.

Wes Hyatt, W3EDW, is the candidate for Director of Meetings & Special Events. Wes is a Life Member of Delta Amateur Radio Club, and holds a “no code” Technician license. He has been around Delta Club for quite some time and can be heard either on 2 meters or 70 Centimeters.

There you have it, the nominees for the Board of Directors for the new millennium. As I said at the beginning of this article, the Nominations Committee has done an excellent job in their slate of candidates. I want to thank the Nominations Committee for their efforts and thank the candidates for agreeing to run for the offices on the Board of Directors.

I hope to see you at the November club meeting. Not only is it elections, but it is that one meeting when we have drawings for over $1,000 in prizes. So, come to the November meeting, cast your vote for the new Board of Directors and then sit back and enjoy the meeting. Maybe you will go home with a new Kenwood “Cool Blue” dual band radio…

See you at the meeting.


Ben, KU4AW

Christmas Party

Once again, the holidays are rushing at us, and Delta Club wants to insure that you put our Christmas party on your calendar of events.

This year's Christmas party will be held December 16th, 7 PM, at the Ellendale Church of Christ, 7365 Highway 70. Tickets will be $11.00 per person and will be available at the November club meeting. If you want a ticket and can't make the November meeting, get in touch with me at 386-6268. Closing date for ticket sales is December 1st as we have to let the caterer know how many to cook for. Everyone is welcome! For more information, give Mike, KG4BVK, a call (repeater or telephone) or by email at 73, KG4BVK


7365 HWY. 70



The November program is the awards presentations
prize drawing


Congressional oversight committees this week approved funding to create two new FCC bureaus-- Enforcement and Public Information, and Legal Adviser for Enforcement Riley Hollingsworth, K4ZDH, says Amateur Radio enforcement could improve under the new regime.

Earlier this year, FCC Chairman William Kennard proposed the creation of the new bureaus as part of his "A New FCC for the 21st Century" initiative. Kennard told an audience at Georgetown University Law Center October 5 that the two new bureaus "will go into operation in the very near future."

Amateur Radio enforcement--now under Hollingsworth in the Compliance and Information Bureau--will be consolidated under the new Enforcement Bureau. Heading the Enforcement Bureau will be FCC Deputy General Counsel David Solomon. Hollingsworth will get a new title out of the deal. Once the new bureau is established--probably by month's end--he'll become Special Counsel for Amateur Radio Enforcement. Current Compliance and Information Bureau Chief Richard Lee has been tapped to head the new Public Information Bureau.

Hollingsworth reiterated that he anticipates no changes in either the direction or momentum of amateur enforcement under the new Enforcement Bureau regime. "If anything, it will enhance it," he said Wednesday, adding that he hopes to up the percentage of time he's able to devote to amateur enforcement as a result of the reorganization. Hollingsworth's current duties also include Land Mobile Service enforcement.

Hollingsworth also says he hopes to soon hand off management of the FCC National Call Center. In July, Hollingsworth was designated to temporarily take over the Call Center (888-CALL FCC) at the commission's Gettysburg office while NCC Director Cynthia Jeffries was detailed to other duties involving the Y2K issue.


A 10-year-old California ham recently used ham radio to help save the life of an injured fellow amateur. As a result, Ricky Rothbart, KF6VSH, of San Rafael, California--who only got his Technician ticket in April--received a Public Service commendation from the ARRL. He also gained a new appreciation of Amateur Radio's emergency service potential.

On August 28, Ricky was in the family car heading home from a trip to LA. "Ricky was in the back seat absorbed in monitoring his favorite frequencies on his H-T," his dad, George Rothbart, KF6VSG, relates. "At about 6:10 PM, he suddenly said, 'Hey Dad, there's a guy on the radio who is bleeding all over the place and needs help!"

It turned out the other ham had sliced his arm with plate glass and was bleeding profusely and asking on-the-air for medical help. The injured ham--Mike Lewis, KF6YDN--apparently was mobile in a remote area of Pittsburg, California, at the time and his cell phone was not working.

Ricky immediately replied, identifying himself and requesting the man's location and additional details. George Rothbart got on his cell phone, contacted a family member as Lewis had requested, then dialed 911. With Ricky working the emergency on his H-T--the Rothbarts were able to give the 911 dispatcher all the necessary information.

"By the time the emergency was over, three other hams had joined us on the frequency," George Rothbart said, "but it was Ricky that got the vital information to relay it to me in the front seat with the cell phone."

The Rothbarts never got to meet Lewis face-to-face. Attempts to contact Lewis by telephone were unsuccessful.

George Rothbart says that when he and his son were studying for their exams earlier this year, he'd told Ricky that someday he might be able to use his new skills to save property or life. While he hardly thought it possible then, he's now a firm believer. "I found that ham radio still works great, and through ham radio a 10-year old can make a difference," he said. Both George and Ricky Rothbart are ARRL members.

* Gettysburg FCC office to get monitoring antenna: In October, the Army Corps of Engineers will install an all-band delta loop antenna at the FCC's Gettysburg facility. Among other purposes, this system--at a height of 75 feet--will assist in real-time monitoring of the Amateur Radio Service and serve as a "force multiplier" for the High Frequency Direction Finding Center in Laurel, Maryland. --Riley Hollingsworth, K4ZDH

* UALR call sign server goes dark: The University of Arkansas at Little Rock (UALR) has shut down its Amateur Radio Callsign Lookup Page "for an indeterminate time" and probably for good. An announcement on the page ( cites the FCC's new database format and location--necessitated by the switch to the Universal Licensing System--as the main reason for the closure. The UALR site, instituted four years ago, was among the first--if not the first--Web-based call sign servers. Up-to-date FCC amateur licensee and call sign information now is available from the ARRL at http://

* DXCC status for East Timor in abeyance: Don't look for East Timor to attain DXCC status anytime very soon. While Indonesia has conceded peacekeeping duties to UN forces, Indonesia has yet to renounce its sovereignty over East Timor, formerly Portuguese Timor, CR8/CR10. Under DXCC rules, if and when East Timor is added to the DXCC list, old CR8/CR10 contacts will not be valid for East Timor for current DXCC applicants. (Only CR8/CR10 contacts made on or before September 14, 1976, count for Portuguese Timor.) It's also likely that another prefix would be assigned.

* Ernest W. Pappenfus, K6EZ, SK: A major figure in the development of Collins Amateur Radio gear, Ernie Pappenfus, K6EZ (ex-W0SYF; WB6LOH), of Temecula, California, died August 14. He was 81. During his years at Collins in the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s, Pappenfus directed development of such products as the famous S-Line and the 30L-1. An ARRL member, Pappenfus co-authored the book Single Sideband Principles and Circuits, published in 1964, and wrote three articles for QST in the 1950s and 1960s. --thanks to Bob Sherman, ND6N/Golden Triangle ARC; Electric Radio

submitted by:

Joan KN4PM
ARRL VE Liaison


Well, folks, it's November and where has this year gone? It seems like just a little while ago, KA4BLL won the Cool Blue at the 1998 November meeting. Well, it's November meeting time again and Delta Club will, again, have lots of goodies - including another Cool Blue - to be won at the annual raffle. We need to sell LOTS of tickets, so up your chances on walking out with some nice prizes.

This it the time of Thanksgiving, and I would like to take this opportunity to thank everybody who has helped make this my most enjoyable year in ham radio.

Thanks, Folks!

73, K4TTA


Don’t forget the monthly Volunteer Examiner testing session. Registration begins at 5:30p.m. and testing begins promptly at 6:00p.m. Please remember to bring two forms of identification the original and copies of any existing licenses or CSCE’s you might have. Please be on time for registration, as you will not be allowed to enter the testing session after 6:00 p.m., so our volunteer VE team can finish in time to attend the club meeting. Call Joan Thorne 366-9722, if special testing arrangements are required.

Public Service

Please mark your calendars for a few public service events to round out the year.

There is a new event that we have been asked to do this year. Some of you may have worked it in the past, but for several years it has been done without much communication support. The event I refer to is the March of Dimes Turkey Trot which this year will be held at Shelby Farms. This is a 4 mile run on Thanksgiving morning. I know that most of us will be getting ready to visit with family on this holiday and put on the old feed bag around noon, but this event is really short and all volunteers should be back home by 10:30 or so in the morning. It doesn't start that early either, just about 8 am so your services would only be needed for about 2 and a half hours. The MOD has come to appreciate the assistance we afford them on the WalkAmerica in late April each year and when a new coordinator took over this event, one of the first things she did was contact me for our help. We only need about 5-7 volunteers for this one so please give me a call if you can help. This event will probably be handled on a simplex frequency.

Another annual event is the Bartlett Christmas Parade. Historically it is held on the first Saturday night of December, which will be Dec. 5th this year. Volunteers are needed to act as parade marshalls and follow the parade down the route on Starge Rd. All you need is a good VHF ht and maybe a spare battery as this event wil also be handled on a simplex freq. Please contact Jim Cissell if you would like to help with this mighty fun event. He will fill you in with additional information at that time. You even get to wear a Santa 'bout that.

Then comes the largest single public ser Public Service vice event in Memphis for the whole year. It's the First Tennessee Memphis Marathon which for those new to the area or the hobby is a 26 mile race that starts and ends at the Pyramid arena on the morning of Dec. 6th, the morning after the Christmas Parade. This event requires approximately 35-40 amateurs to make it run smoothly. We will be using the "82" machine for the primary net frequency so this frequency will be closed to normal traffic from approximately 6 am until 1 pm on this date. We will be using APRS to track the lead and tail cars and possibly some other key vehicles. Should it become necessary, we may have to use the 443.2 repeater as a backup frequency but will try to keep it clear for normal traffic.

In the last few years amateur radio operators have been invaluable in passing routine as well as emergency traffic. After all, just think about you running 26 miles without stopping! There are a few folks that think they can do it but find out later that they were wrong. We had a number of serious medical incidents last year and the medical area at the Pyramid was overflowing. These athletes train for cold weather (that's what it's supposed to be like in December) but coming to Memphis, they never really know what to expect in the way of temperatures or other weather conditions.

If you are a new ham, new to the area or just haven't worked this event in the past, I encourage you to give it a try. It's one of the best ways that you can put your license privileges to use to help your local community. I know that many of you that have helped in the past few years are already planning to help again this year, but I'd sure like to have "too many" volunteers than not enough. It does start early for some of us, but we have all types of assignments that you can do. You can ride in a vehicle, station yourself at a waterstop, work inside the Pyramid or any number of other duties.

If you think you can help with this or the Turkey Trot for MOD on Thanksgiving Day, please call me at 363-1198 most evenings, email me at or catch me on the air.

Tommy, KD4TJO


Icom has come out with a new wide band receiver for Amateurs and shortwave listeners. The IC-R8500 will receive AM, USB, LSB, FM narrow, FM wide, and CW over a frequency range of 10 kHz to 2 gigahertz. The receiver has 100 memory channels, scanning, S meter squelch, and 3 antenna connectors. The R-8500 also has an RS-232 port for computer control and operation. Optional Windows software allows thousands of memory channels. The software also allows you to create a band scope to look for activity over a given frequency range. The receiver also has IF shift and an audio peak filter.

If you are looking for a world class receiver for voice and data reception over the whole spectrum check out the IC-8500 from Icom.

James Butler


One of the major costs today of project construction is the case to put the project in. The cost of a new case of any size can be from 20 to 40 dollars. Using an old case for a new project can save a lot of money. This month's project is a 12 volt 4 amp power supply built with a surplus open frame power supply and an old computer disk drive case.

The disk drive and small power supply components were removed from the case. The power cord, switch, and AC fuse holder were left in place to be reused. The case was drilled to mount the open frame power supply. Jacks were mounted for power connections along with an LED for power indication and fuse holder and fuse for the DC output. The power supply works well and is perfect for testing HTs and older lower power 2-meter equipment. The power supply can also be used with new high power rigs if the transmit power is lowered.

I will have the 12 volt power supply at the meeting to show and answer questions on for those who wish to build up their own units.


James Butler


We had an incredible turnout at our meeting this month for the auction. It was great to see everyone, meet a few new hams and to meet some “old” hams who were making this meeting their first. Save your pocket change and your lunch money for the November meeting. There will be lots of prizes given away but you need to get tickets into the barrel first for your ticket to be pulled. We will also have a sign up sheet for our Christmas Dinner; tickets for that will be $11 head. There will be an expanded menu this year. Listen to the nets for details.

We received number of renewals to start off our Membership Drive for the Millennium. Thanks for getting ahead of the game: David Campbell, KD4NOQ, his dad, Roland Campbell, KD4DWD, Bob Holdford, KF4NDH, Chuck Neal, W4VAC, Freddy Bratton, KF4ZGJ, his son, Keith Bratton, KD4ESS, Tom Richardson, K4TTA, his son Mike Richardson, KG4BVK, Robert Greene, KE4HFH, his wife Sylvia Greene, KE4WOT, Roosevelt Moore, K4MPQ, Bill Howell, W4KGN, Greg Billings, K4GRB, Bill Seiler, K5OQB, and Harry Tallant, KU4YZ.

Be sure to welcome four new members when you hear them on the air; Ed Norris, KD5IEI, Bill Paschall, WD5DZG, Lionel Lejeune, WA4KOG, and his wife Betty, KG4FAL.

See you at the meeting!

Kathy, KE4UYU

Don't forget that there is a beautiful handmade quilt to be given away to the lucky ticket holder at the annual Christmas Dinner. Contact Kathy, KE4UYU to get your tickets. The quilt was donated by Mrs. Jamerson (Bobby, KG4CMA's mom)

VE Liaison

October 12th was an unusual testing session since we had more VEs than we had examinees. Thank you to: Barry, N4QW, Don KJ4PO, Jim N4ZCO, and Steve N4SG for all the help that evening. As of today October 20th the call signs for that session have not been issued so I can only tell you that we administered 4 elements and had 3 passed that evening welcoming a new No Code Tech and Extra class to our midst.

There WILL BE NO TESTING AT THE NOVEMBER meeting. The next test session for this VE Team is December 14th. November is the traditional election of officers and award evening.


Joan KN4PM
ARRL VE Liaison


146.82 net 8:00 PM

147.36 tone = 107.2

224.42 1.25 m reptr


443.20 patch, 107.2

145.03 packet / bbs


Here are a few of the contests coming up in the next few weeks...

Fall All-Band VHF Sprint
sponsored by The Rochester VHF Group, 7 PM to 12 AM (local time) Nov 11, on all VHF/UHF bands.

Japan International DX Contest, Phone
sponsored by Five Nine magazine, from 2300Z Nov 12 until 2300Z Nov 14. Work JAs only. 80 40 20 15 10 meters. Operate no more than 30 hours (JAs operate full 48)

Six-Meter Annual Winter DX Contest
sponsored by Six Club, 6 meters only 2300Z Nov 19 to 0300Z Nov 22

LI/NJ-QRP Doghouse Operation Sprint
sponsored by the Long Island QRP and New Jersey QRP clubs, 1700-2100Z Nov 20

ARRL November Sweepstakes, Phone
See October QST, page 88

CQ WW DX Contest, CW
See October, QST, page 87

For more information on these and other contests in October...
please visit the ARRL contest page on the internet at:

Other Important Contacts

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