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SPARKS P.O. BOX 750482 MEMPHIS, TN 38175-0482 / VOL. 9 / MAY 1997

W 4 B S    R E P E A T E R    S Y S T E M

146.82, 147.36, 224.42, 443.2 & 145.03 Packet

Presidentís Page

We like to say that the Delta Club repeaters are the friendliest in the area. We probably take for granted the great coverage of our machines, as well as how many helpful people there always seem to be on the air willing to help people when they need it. I have heard numerous visitors to the area comment on how friendly amateurs are around Memphis and we should be very proud of that. I seldom travel outside the Memphis area but recently had to make a business trip to Atlanta for three days. Atlanta is one of few cities that has a repeater on every 2 meter frequency pair that is allocated for repeater use. I managed to make only one contact in the 3 days and nights that I was there. The gentleman that I spoke to happened to be the trustee for that repeater and I had a nice QSO with him. He gave me information about what other repeaters were around and which ones would be easy for me to hit with my HT from the areas that I would be in. That was the first night I arrived in Atlanta, but the rest of the trip was not so great. Anyone who has driven in Atlanta knows that the traffic there is terrible. Driving in Memphis is like taking a leisurely drive in the country compared to down there. When, as a visitor and not knowing where I was going, I started scanning the different repeaters to ask for local information. Out of about ten different repeaters and three days of trying, I never once got a reply from anyone when I asked for help. Maybe I was just calling at the wrong times or something, but it was really frustrating knowing what great folks we have in the Memphis area and not being able to get any assistance when asking for it. I sure was glad to get home and I'm proud to be associated with all you helpful folks. Thanks to all of you for helping give our repeater system the reputation of the; "Friendliest Repeaters in the Mid-South."

We had a very long and busy Board of Directors meeting in April. At March's meeting, there were not enough board members in attendance to constitute a quorum so no voting could take place. We discussed several topics, but had to postpone most items until April. Like I said, April's meeting ran longer than usual, but I think we got all issues caught up to date. Bill is ordering the ARRL video tapes that will be used in the General Theory class that is upcoming. Ben and Bill are researching information on the generators that will be purchased to be used with the tower/trailer. Suresh has the next two meeting programs confirmed and is working out details on having the meeting in July at the Earthquake center. He's working on making sure that they will be able to supply us with space for VE testing that evening. Due to his uncertain work schedule, Fred, KS2X may not be able to do Field Day, so Ben KU4AW volunteered to take over the project. Before he had a chance to change his mind, I appointed him the new Field Day Chairman. Fred told us when we first asked him to be the chairman that he would be glad to do it but his work situation could cause problems. As a matter of fact, it could have caused him to have to leave us and move somewhere else. I hope it won't come down to that, but I want to thank Fred for being willing to undertake such a large task. Thanks Fred.

In closing, I must tell you that we have had another local ham to become a silent key. John Feltman, WA4PPK passed away after being involved in a traffic accident. John was the uncle of Steve Feltman, KC4ZOV. He was a former member of Delta Club but hasn't been too active in the hobby for the last couple of years. Our hearts and prayers go out to Steve and Ileana as well as the rest of John's family.

That's all for this month, and as always I look forward to seeing each and every one of you at the May meeting. To coin an OLD phrase, be there or be square.


Tommy, KD4TJO


This month's article is going to cover a number of topics, from "can koolers," to Field Day, and from jackets and hats to Carport Sales.

Thus far we have done very well with the sales of can koolers. After the April meeting I believe we had sold nearly 100 koolers. I have talked to several people on the Internet and they have placed an order for several koolers. We even took a box of koolers to the Tupelo Hamfest and ended up selling 19 more koolers. To date, I believe we have sold nearly 160 koolers. The "break-even point" for the club is 250, every kooler that we sell beyond that point is profit for the club.

I have been in contact with Melissa Going, the lady from Signet Promotions who attended the March meeting, and she is putting together a price list of jackets, shirts, and caps. She was going to meet with us at the board meeting, but like thousands of other people that particular night, she was doing her income tax return and was unable to attend.

I do plan, however, to have these items available for order at the May meeting. We will try to have each item on display and an order sheet for you to fill out. So come prepared to the May meeting and order your Delta Club jacket, shirt, or hat.

In that same light, Field Day isn't too far away. I have proposed to the board that we have a t-shirt made for Field Day. The logo of Delta Club will be on it along with something referencing Field Day 97. These shirts will be available to all who attend Field Day this year. The price of the T-shirt has not been determined at this time. If you feel creative, I would like to have suggestions about what we should put on the front and/or back of the T-shirt. So if you have an idea, call me on the radio or call me on the phone. I would like to have something that it unique to Delta Club and Field Day.

The month of June is going to be a very busy month for Delta Club. As you all know, Field Day is the last full week-end of the month. In addition to this annual event, we are planning the second annual Delta Club Carport Sale for June 7th. This event generated nearly $1,200 for the club last year, almost enough to pay for the trailer. I'd like us to match this amount and more. One advantage we have this year is that since we are a non-profit organization, you can donate items and then write these off on your 97 Federal Income Tax. We will be providing each and every person that donates something to the Carport Sale with a receipt. Keep this for your 97 taxes. This one event is a double winner, Delta Club wins by generating revenue for the club, and you win because you can affix a value to the items you donate and write them off your 97 taxes as a donation.

Finally, a little bit about Field Day, the event. If you're new to amateur radio then you're in for a great week-end of fun and work. I had to put the word "work" in there because you can ask anyone who has participated in Field Day before and they'll tell you it's a lot of work, but most importantly it is fun.

This is the week-end in June that HAMs and amateur radio clubs all over get involved in a contest to see just how many contacts they can accumulate in a 24-hour period. The ARRL has established strict guidelines that we must adhere to in order to qualify. In this 24-hour period the bands come alive. Everywhere you turn the dial, there is someone out there calling CQÖ..

For those of you who have an interest in upgrading, this is the place to build your code speed. Ask anyone who has participated before and they will tell you that when you work the CW station at field day it isn't too long afterwards that you have achieved that 13 or 20 WPM levelÖ

If you're not sure about your future in amateur radio, that is, whether you want to upgrade or not, here's your chance to find out. Sign up to work at the phone station, the CW station, the Novice station and see what it's like to talk to someone in California, Alaska, Hawaii, or overseas. It is electrifyingÖ.. Well, I've rambled on long enough. I see a sea of blue growing in can koolers. Soon it will be jackets and hats. And be sure to mark down June 7th for the Carport Sale and the last full week-end in that month for Field Day.


Ben, KU4AW


We are still getting renewals in from a lot of you and that's always great to see. We also have eight new members to welcome to Delta Club. They are:

Stan Seay KD4GTO,Tech

David Ross KF4QFV, Tech

Harland Lovell, Jr. KF4QJV,Tech

Roger Castleberry KF4QFZ, Tech

Kazi Hafeez N4UUI,Tech

Francis Debois W4WLW,Extra

John Herrington KC5WMX,Tech

Albert Robinson KF4QFY, Tech

Be sure to listen for those new calls and make them feel at home on the repeaters.

Thanks to those folks who brought in goodies for our refreshment table. I can appreciate the extra little bit of time it takes in our already hectic schedule. Special thanks go to those individuals who stay behind to clean up after our treats are gone and only crumbs remain, and to clean out the coffee pot, and to put all the napkins and plates away.

I had an enjoyable evening last night at the "ladies' night out" at the Dixie Cafe. There were six of us although there were at least four others that had to cancel at the last minute. We had a nice dinner and talked about different ways we might help Delta Club in fund raising or special events like Field Day or the Hamfest. We'll be getting together again on May 22 at 7:00 at O'Charley's on Ridgeway Rd. north of Winchester. Please make plans to join us. If you need directions or a lift call Melinda at 363-1198 or Regina at 388-9688 or me at 372-8031.

73, Kathy

MAY 1997 C L U B M E E T I N G

DATE: MAY 13, 1997 ( 2nd Tuesday - be there )

PLACE: Ellendale Church Of Christ, 7365 Highway 70, Memphis, Tn. ( 2 miles east of Hwy. 64-Stage Rd. )

TIME: 7:00 PM

PROGRAM: Barry, KE4KAG, and Bill, WA4MJM, will be speaking on the Memphis Hospital Desaster Plan.

VE TESTING: Donít forget the monthly Volunteer Examiner testing session.  Registration begins at 5:30p.m. and testing begins promptly at 6:00p.m.  Please remember to bring two forms of identification and copies of any existing licenses or CSCEís you might have.  Please be on time for registration, as you will not be allowed to enter the testing session after 6:00 p.m., so our volunteer VE team can finish in time to attend the club meeting.  Call Joan Thorne 366-9722, if special testing arrangements are required.


146.82 net 8:00 pm

147.36 tone = 107.2

224.42 1.25 m reptr

443.20 patch, 107.2

145.03 packet / bbs


Anyone that has listened to the 146.82 repeater for very long, has heard of the nets that are held on this repeater. The Traffic and Information Net is held every night at 8:00 pm (execpt for the second Tuesday of the month). This is the net for passing traffic, as Bob, N4WAL, explained to us last month at the meeting, listing club related information, like the yard sale coming up, or the walk-a-thon, information on the repeaters themselves, or information about upcoming license classes, and listing amateur related equipment thet you have for sale or trade. On Wednesday night we have the Skywarn Training Net. We are very proud to have this net on the 82 repeater, as Skywarn is not part of the Delta Club, but the Delta Club gracously allows this net to be held on this repeater. On Sunday we have the Friendship Award Net and ,although it was a little hard to find for a few Sunday nights, Iím happy to say its back. My thanks for all the words Sunday night April 20, I didnít realize it was missed that much, but I will make ever effort to make sure that it will be there with as much consitancy as possible. I am looking for more net controllers for the Friendship Award net. If you have been on the net for a while and would be interested, please contact me. If you havenít checked into one of these nets, watch your clock and drop by once in a while. We are not the only repeater in the area, and there are someother nets that I thought I might remind everyone of. If I miss one, please donít get mad at me, just drop me a line and Iíll include them in next months newlsletter. The Desoto County Training and Information net is held on Monday nights at 7:15 on the 146.91 repeater. This repeater is located in Hernado, Ms. You might check with someone on that repeater about the time, because last year they moved it to 8:00 pm I beleive during Daylight Savings Time. The MARA update net is held on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday nights at 9:00 pm on the 145.21 repeater. Also check out MARAís new repeater on 147.03....



Congratulations to Bill, WA4MJM and his wonderful staff of teachers on a class well taught, and still being taught. The ARRL VE Team went out to the LeBonheur Center on Bartlett on Monday March 24th. This was not all of the class, but we were requested for the evening. Of the 28 people in the class 13 felt that they were somewhat ready to try the exams. Of the 13- 6 people got their Technician license and are now anxiously awaiting their call signs. Of the seven remaining many passed at least one element. Bill assures me that the remaining people will be at the next session on April 8th at the Ellendale Church of Christ.

I want to take this opportunity to thank ALL of YOUR VE TEAM that generously took of their time to come to my rescue: Barry - N4QW, Ben - KF4GNC, Bill - WA4MJM, Boyd - N4SSF, David - KU4AS, Don - KJ4PO, Eloise - KF4GNB, Francis - WA4ZYN, Jimmy - N4ZCO

Without this team of wonderful VE's we could have been there all night exhausting everyone's patience.


73 Joan, KN4PM


The program Airwaves is devoted to all aspects of radio. Ham radio is one of the features on this weekly radio program. Tune in every Wed. night to WYPL-FM, 89.3, 7:30 to 8:30 PM. Amateur radio newsline can be heard at that time. I read from CQ and 73 magazines. I read DX reports and the new products from those magazines.......Dom, AA5N

VE Note:

Remember that when you MOVE or CHANGE your NAME you need to submit a new 610 form to the FCC. The following address is also used to renew you license.


1270 Fairfield Road

Gettysburg Pennsylvania


Joan     KN4PM

No Code Class

There will be a 1-day INTENSE No Code Technician training class on Saturday, May 17, at St. Francis Hospital, St. Catherine Auditorium. Listen to the Traffic and Information Net for details.

Special Event Station..

As the Director of meetings and Special Events, I am happy to announce that the first Special Event Station for the Delta Amateur Radio Club is about to come to life. This however will be a non-operating event. On July 10-13, 1997, the club will have a display booth at the Military Vehicles Preservation Associationís convention. This is a group that collects and preserves all types of military vehicles from bicycles to tanks and should be a really great event for the Delta Club. I have already had a few club members tell me that they have some old military gear that they will be willing to display, however we could use a few more pieces of equipment. What we are looking for is WW-2, Korea and Vietnam era military radios. If anyone has this type of equipment and would be willing to let the club use these radios for the display, please contact me either by e-mail or by telephone. My e-mail address and my phone number is 452-2560, home and 794-5230 ext: 5111, work.

I am also happy to announce that the Delta Club will have a sanctioned Memphis in May event next year. We have broken ground with the Memphis In May Festival Committee to have a special event station sanctioned by Memphis In May. This will be an operating event. Seeing as how it will be held during the 1998 season, there has not been a date or location for this event selected yet. This event will give the club a wonderful chance to get both media exposure and have the event published on the Memphis In May official calendars. I personally would like to see this opportunity come to life. This will allow the Delta Amateur Radio Club to let the general public know what amateur radio is all about.



Explorer Post News..

Explorer Post 903 welcomed David Patterson and his dad John, KF4IRX, to the March meeting. Once I get the necessary forms in their hands, they will officially become post members. David is a freshman at CBHS and is planning to get his call sign in the near future. He and his dad are also active members in the Boy Scout Troop 85.

The local scout council will be sending out another survey to high school kids in the Memphis area. This survey will indicate what hobbies young people are interested in. We hope to use this updated survey to attract future members to our post. Post 903, as with any other explorer post, has four specific goals. Explorers should: 1. Gain practical experience in the career or special interest of the post. 2. Engage in a program of activities centered on the six experience areas (leadership, service, social, fitness, outdoor, and career) to encourage the development of the whole person. 3. Experience positive leadership from adult and youth leaders and be given opportunities to take leadership roles. 4. Have a chance to learn and grow in a supportive, caring, and fun environment.

I am still looking for a couple of DARC members to step forward and give one hour a month to help achieve these goals. Remember, during adolescence, young people are choosing values and lifelong commitments. The difference between adolescence and adulthood is that these choices and commitments are still in the process of being made. YOU can make a difference!

Barry, KE4KAG



When Amateurs work on their equipment, they get test equipment over the years. Older model used equipment can be bought at reasonable prices. One piece of equipment that comes in handy is an oscilloscope. New fancy models now have a digital readout on the screen to show voltage levels. This makes it easy to see trace and voltage at the same time. This month's project is the DIGITAL PROBE ADAPTER. It hooks up between your probe and scope so you can also hookup your VOM to monitor voltages at the same time waveforms are displayed. The adapter is a small box containing BNC MALE and BNC FEMALE connectors hooked to test points you can plug your VOM into. The DIGITAL PROBE ADAPTER is easy to build and makes a great accessory for your scope. I will have the DIGITAL PROBE ADAPTER at the meeting to show and answer questions for those who wish to build their own units. SEE YOU AT THE MEETING...

James Butler, KB4LVJ


One of the biggest problesm with digital modes on HF is interference. This can prevent proper reception and decoding of the tones containing data. JPS communications has come out with a new filter. The NIR-12 has a dual DSP filter which can do a lot. The unit can block out two tones at the same time. The unit also can do bandpass filtering with an adjustable bandwidth. A multimode notch filter can also be selected. The unit is also usable for SSB and CW. If you need a good DSP filter to solve noise problems on HF look into the NIR-12 .

James Butler KB4LJV

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