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Welcome to the Delta Amateur Radio Club website!

The Delta Club holds monthly meetings, offers formal training classes for all three Amateur radio licenses (Technician, General, and Extra) and informal training sessions on all aspects of amateur radio, supports public service events, provides five VHF/UHF repeaters, hosts a nightly information net on 146.82 with a 107.2 hz tone, publishes a monthly newsletter, Sparks; participates in Field Day each year, and, perhaps most importantly, fosters the amazing camaraderie of the ham radio community. The Delta Club also holds the distinction of an ARRL Special Services Club.

       We welcome all hams and non-hams to our club meetings. The club meetings are held on the second Tuesday evening of the month. See Meeting Information for meeting time and location.

Delta Club Information

Located in Memphis, TN, Delta Amateur Radio Club is approximately 200 members and is the largest amateur radio club in Tennessee. The club holds a nightly information net on the 146.82 repeater at 8pm as well as a YL Net Saturday evenings at 8:45pm (all times local). Go here for additional information about our nets.

The club is governed by a Board of Directors which is elected each November to serve for the following calendar year.

Delta is a non-profit corporation chartered by the state of Tennessee. The club has been recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as a tax-exempt organization under IRS Code 501(c)(3); anyone who donates financial aid, equipment or any other assets to the club may deduct these donations from their Federal Income Tax.

We have two documents that you might find interesting: The History of Delta Club and our Facts and Information page.

If you travel through Memphis, please feel free to use our 146.82 repeater. You're welcome to use any of our repeaters, but the "82" machine with an antenna at 500 feet above ground has useful range of about 60 to 65 miles. It is one of the best repeaters in the area. See W4BS Repeater System for PL tones and offsets.